Finding your way

You go through life thinking you have it all together and then realize that there are so very many things you have not done in life that needs completion.

Colorful waves of energy

Colorful waves of energy

Your healing ways  may become an unfinished painting; waiting for your return so that you can capture  its wonder. The scene is beautiful, grassy greens and yellows surround you as you create a special gift for someone.


The gift of a painting takes time to imagine what would be just right  for another person to adore.

And if it is a person who is a great friend and lover, the time you take toward completion of a work of art  may be forever and a day because you cannot get perfection in your strokes of colorful lights of green, purples, yellows and reds. The pinks keep on messing up your story done with a brush.


Finally you are finished; a  beautiful creative scene of a grassy and green circles is before you. It may be simple or complicated depending on who you are creating the piece for. And you ask yourself. “Can I give up this painting after I have put in so very many hours?”

You will know if the gift is just right by the look on your soul mate’s  face as they unveil the masterpiece you have created.

A chuckle, a warm embrace is coming forth as you too gaze along their side; struggling not to make a sound as they move closer to you and the treasure.


Remember this playful moment every time you look at this new creation which is surrounded by your love; internally and externally. You can feel the positive moment; allowing for any negativity to move along.

The stillness grows and silence ensures every single time that you gaze at these creative moments in time.

You are now un-stuck and creative flow keeps on coming to help you find beautiful moments, one after another.