Thankful to be able to watch the perfect sunset

Thankful to be able to watch the perfect sunset

Sady had a firely life. From early on there were many relatioships that ended quickly with no reason for the endings. Sady felt sad not knowing how she contributed to the demise of relationships that she thougth were not well, but fixable.








” I believe in fixing things, “she said to her friend Andrea who was always there to help Sady because she had helped Andrea in the past. So Sady moved on thinking that she would find Mr. Right someday soon and it did happen. For many years Sady and Randy were a couple, full of love and passion. The romance was sound she thought and Sady and her husband worked hard at keeping things fresh and loving. But it too ended badly with cheating as the main reason they had to go their separate way, “Randy told me that he had found the younger version of me.” The road continued for Sady but she was beginning to feel burned and the fire of new life adventures simmered as she felt that beginning again was not an option. The last option, Joey was a desperate attempt to find someone to soothe Sady’s pain from the loss of Randy. She thought that Randy was her soul mate who would always be there but always has never been an option in the life of Sady.  Joey told her in many ways that he was not committed to loving her. They were lonely souls who became roommates instead of lovers.

“Is it too late to find Mr. Right when all I have had were Mr. Wrongs?” But someone did come along and Sady felt overwhelmed and yet happy at the same time not truly believing in fairy tales and price charmings but sweep away in a romantic way where  it just did not matter whether it lasted 5 minutes or 50 years.

This romance was different because there was a mutual exchange of passion. Sady was not the sole contributer of the healing and loving waves of energy, Timmy possessed a loving and caring way that was sincere and soft.. He was always there in mind, body and spirit wanting and needing a loving companion as Sady needed. And they lived happily ever after.