Frogs and Princes

Jessica believed in magical happenings and it did help her thoughout  life having a positive attitude even when things did not work out well, she moved on.

Jessica maintained her positive and healing ways through self- care but she knew that although magic was possible, it did not always happen down the many paths of life since she had many relationships that ended with the prince turning back into a frog.

“My special prince must not have entered my life yet because all of the princes I choose eventually turn back into frogs who run back to the green pond to find another frog that is more compatible to their needs. Caring for myself is all that I have right now, and that is a good thing. I will stay a single princess until that very special person enters my life, and  I will know by the smile on his face and his tender embrace that even though he may seem like just another frog, he is the one I wait for who will stay a prince; true to me, and loving me forever and a day. And my positive ways will keep me balanced and blessed until he arrives.”

But Jessica through, “Maybe it is time to look at myself. Am I causing some of my princes’ to turn into frogs?”

Jessica spent many months trying to figure out how to change something about herself that may be makig those wonderful princes’ turn into frogs but she found no answers.

What Jessica did find was important. She needed to stop kissing frogs, and start living her own life alone.

Suddenly loneliness subsided and happiness ensured for Jessica. And everything began to change for the better. Jessica was happy with herself and began doing some things she had put off for many years such as improving her writing and painting through some classes where there were no frogs to be found.

And this is a good thing becasue happiness truly is an internal bliss that you need to find by yourself.