Staying the Same

Grow up tall and strong like a tree where you stretch your long, flexible branches to the sky

Wooden bird houses; roll after roll, all looking the same

Wooden bird houses; roll after roll, all looking the same

There are many people who choose sameness to growth.
They may even know deep down that staying the same is not getting them anywhere but the choice seems like the best one for them right now.

What they may not realize is that happiness and success may be compromised with the choice of sameness. Or they may be impeding others’ on their path who also need to break away and cannot.
And then there are the opposite type people who seem to change at the drop of a hat; spontaneous in their actions; not planning much of anything. Their changes seem too extreme and everyone who knows them believes they need to work on staying the same; finding out what sticking things out is all about.




Creative Souls

When you take a good look at sameness you can easily see it in many things in life. Even the very creative souls who can paint or craft beautiful paintings or bird houses may have too much sameness in their work.

Creativeness cannot be duplicated and people who love art should realize that when you ask someone to duplicate something, it cannot be done. The subtle differences, or not so subtle differences in a creative piece of work is what makes it creative and unique; a one of a kind. Being alive is a one of a kind; no two people are exactly the same; we all look different. Even identical twins have meaningful differences that make them unique.


Yin and Yang

You are both; hot and cold; easy and not so easy going; loving and hating. These extremes in your being hold  you together in a balance throughout life, or an imbalance, keeping you from bringing joy into your life.

Like a pendulum swinging back and forth that balance sways to the left or the right bringing on feelings of loving or not so loving waves of energy. You have to be aware of where you are right now to understand how important it is to move toward balancing your life. It will not be easy and the changes you have to make may feel out of place or difficult before they become part of you.

You have to know that you need to make the changes in order for growth, happiness, love and goodness to come into you life, and all of these good feelings and loving ways are right there for you to tap into them if you can take that first step.

I knew a  person who seemed to have it all together; loving ways, easy going, planning the future with ease and harmony. And then one day, everything seemed to fall out of place like a large puzzle with so many pieces scattering to the universe.

What do you do now when you know how difficult life is already with its many struggles and heartaches?

Should you match the colors of the puzzle; that seems the easiest way, or do you look for the corners and then move toward the center core of the meaningful yet very difficult times in life?