Just a little love

Broken and old

Bring yourself back to a time of living waves of enegy

Bringing yourself back

You may think that there are many things you have done in life that you regret or just want to put behind you right now but remember that any mistakes, even heart aches are lessons in life that you must go through.
Remember those broken toys you kept as a child?
I had a beautiful bride doll but one of her eyes closed and never re-opened. How could she be a beautiful bride now? I thought carefully and said to myself that it does not matter too much about her eye.

I tried to fix her and it just was not going to happen. Last week at a rummage sale I saw the doll. It had to be her with her beautiful white, lacy dress, even her white high heel shoes were intact but that right eye was still closed, and her veil was gone.
It may seem like a trivial thought about toys because they do not seem to have any meaning when it comes to people and life but that doll prepared a piece of me deep down inside to be ready for broken times.

It left me knowing that none of us are perfect, and many people are like broken toys. But the good news is that some pieces, especially soulful ones can be brought back to life with just a little love.

Bring yourself back; finding ways to move to that place in your heart where it is good. You begin to take care of yourself and people notice those changes; offering you assistance on direction that you take or not because you are strong, know your way now and harmony, balance and laughter are now part of your life again.