Special Ways

 Are you feeling like your life has come full circle?

Circling back to right now

Circling back to right now

That feeling of repeating the same things over and over can be painful at times but it must be completed in order for growth to occur. But sometimes there is no pain in trying out new things in life or practicing some of your old ways that may help you to grow. Experience is what gives you the edge.
As a child my practice time on the piano was boring. Over and over again, the same song until I got it just right without mistakes made.

I find that perfection is limited to a good tune!

Perfection is a must in a good piece, especially if you are performing in front of people who have a sense of tone. They can hear the quiet sounds, loud boisterous sounding notes and the subtle middle of the piece kind of sounds that makes piano playing pleasant to listen to or not.


Flowing in relationships

As an adult I seem to do the same thing with relationships; trying to make them perfect.

The ups and downs of family, friends and lovers in you life can be a slippery slope sometimes; feeling like you repeat the same mistakes or nothing seems to change even when you are trying your best to move on in life and let go of the past.

It is definitely a skill to be able to put the past away and stop worrying about what the future may bring to you, but if you do not you will be frustrated and unhappy in relationships that just don’t work out.

Know your flow
A good piano player knows the beat, can bounce to the tempo and the rhythm is perfected.
In my piano practice I did not get to  that flow  where I could play with perfection but I kept on trying, and because music was not my life, I became a okay player that you could ask to play a song, maybe in tune and maybe not.
When I think back to all the things I have tried in life, music is one of my many loves but not the one I focus on due to my skill level!

Ideas on finding your flow

An example is yoga and its focus on the here and now of where you are at.

Almost anyone can get good at yoga because you are wherever you want to be in this spiritual wave of energy. You can practice slow, medium or fast. You can flow in and out of poses gracefully or not so gracefully but it still helps you in mind, body and soulful ways.
Diversity is the spice of life

While listening to music on a summer day I met a man named Tom.
Tom wore a bright smile in his blue and white Hawaiian shirt and summer shorts sitting on a bar stool talking about artistic ways that we are all born with and  how some can be perfected. The conversation interested a few people and we all gave our opinions on creativity.

Tom asked me why I was so diverse in my search for talented ways about myself. I told him I loved all kinds of creative tasks because I enjoy diversity in the arts.
I said, ” I love to learn a little about a lot of things so that I feel balanced and centered in life. Sometimes being a generalist can help you in life.”

Find your special ways that bring to you a smile and some balance for the moment.