Positive Moves

 Positive  just for a moment in time where you do not think of anything but a beautiful song in your mind’s eye

Balance yourself in positive moments and see  the clarity as your path unfolds

Balance yourself in positive moments and see the clarity as your path unfolds

The song softly flows with high flute like sounds and the soft beat of a drum; keeping you balanced for the moment.

And as your mind wonders to a place of wonder you smile.

My Song

My song has a  positive center in my mindfulness practice where I see my children in our yard playing princess. Hiding and then finding the prince nearby my daughters giggle and run in their pink cotton dresses with white flowers and pink socks and sneakers covering their tiny feet. The boys, my two sons are hiding from my daughters; waiting and giggling, ready to scare with a growl!

And this game of my children plays over and over is in my mind when I need a positive and energizing zap of meaningful living and loving.


Healing waves
Live your life moment to moment in a positive and healing way; reminding yourself of this new challenging task you have put before you; the challenge to stay as positive as you can in each moment in time.
Bring this challenge to others today, shaking someone’s hand in a sturdy way or giving a hug to someone who may be in need.

Building confidence
Let others know how confident you are today in this pleasant and hopeful moment you have set before you.

Keep focusing back to your pleasant moment in your mind when you need a positive zap of energizing waves.

Dig down into your soul and allow your spirit to surface and show you the way toward one peaceful moment in time.