It may be hard to be grateful when you have so many problems in life but look around at your present moment and you will find precious, loving times that stay with you throughout your day. Those safe and precious moments stay with you; sticking to your mind; telling you that things will be special right now in this moment.

When you can stay in that balanced moment where there is no black, no white, but shades of beautiful colors in reds, greens, blues, yellows and pinks all with you leading the way, you will be grateful that your eyes can see such beauty in the world.

Grateful to get up this morning and see another beautiful view

Grateful to get up this morning and see another beautiful view

No one knows what life will bring tomorrow, and no one can change what has already happened, therefore fill your present moments in a grateful way.

Continue down your road in  love and caring ways which puts a bounce in your step as you glide into today.
Balancing Self
Promise to balance yourself today. Stand on one foot and then the other, seeing how sturdy you are right now.
Then balance your mind with some good readings or journaling your thoughts.





Spiritual and loving
Soulful balance may be the most difficult place for you to be if you have many difficulties right now, but plan a way to get in touch with your inner spirit right now and play. Play in soulful ways; smiling and giggling; allowing your spirit to see that you are taking care of yourself. Bring some happiness and joy into what you say to others today; telling them how much you care about them.
And then reach down into your soul and give someone some of you spiritual energy that surrounds you in circling motion; touching you from top to bottom before it gratefully enters and energizes another.