I love to see beauty in everything

Thankful to be able to watch the perfect sunset

  Thankful to be able to watch the perfect sunset

Even the bad things that may happen in your life have a spark of true beauty to them; bringing with the darkness, a sparkle of white light that allows you to make the changes you need to make. When things seem forced on you, you may resist but good comes of many bad happenings.
Adjusting to new circumstances in your life may seem troublesome at times but a necessary part of growth.
Even when you are not ready or truly do not want a growth time, it becomes yours, therefore, embrace what happens to you in the same passionate way, every time there is change. Welcome change as you do the rising and setting of the sun.



People gather to watch perfection

While gazing at the sunset beginning its journey I meet people who also loved to see the perfect sunset.

One man, large in size, wearing a bright orange tee shirt that matched our sunset said with a large toothy grin, “I come here about two times a week, watching and taking pictures of the sunset but also watching the people who gather and say they have never seen such beauty. They snap their pictures over and over again as if to get the perfect sunset picture to take home. What they do not realize is that each sunset is so very different in its own beautiful way. You have to come here often to see the changes. One after another, as different as people are; sunsets have their own personal wonder.”

The other man stood silently for a moment with a cigar in his mouth.  He had strong lines on his face signifying his many days of wondering and gazing at nature.

As  he took it out his cigar he said, “This is the perfect spot for the end of the day. I am grateful to be here almost every day, in this spot when the day comes to a close.”

So grateful to be here for the sunset

The perfection of days ending with a calming sunset

Just before the sun went down two young teenagers; looking like new loves gathered on the bench talking on their phones but as the sunset grew more and more beautiful, even the phones sat on the bench as they gazed in the wonder of a perfect sunset.