I remember a small white daisy that my granddaughter handed me with a gentle smile, “A gift for you grandma so that you can put it in water and have a nice flower for the rest of your day.” I thanked her, placing the flower in a pink vase; adding fresh water and a smile to my face.

Small gifts given with love are the most meaningful ones that you will ever receive with cherished moments that stay in your mind’s eye forever yours.

And because of gifting you have the special ability to give to yourself; a large gift of new beginnings any time you need to start over.

Always have flowers in your life; brining a smile to your day

My dad told me, “Always have flowers in your life; brining a smile to your day”

Being able to begin again with newness in your step and changes that are now possible for you can bring you back to a positive and optimistic view of life in the moment.
You do not have to do the same things; follow your heart and you will see that everything you do can be a different way.

Small Changes
Even those slight changes that you make will take on a new life of their own.
Small gifts like putting fresh flowers on your table can bring some goodness into your life right now; knowing that you can start your day out in a special way.





Giving and Receiving
Giving to others with the gift of a hug, smile, warm embrace can  be a gift to you when you feel new energy entering your heart center; finding power and newness by connecting with someone else.
Remember that gifting does not have to be a physical gift; sending positive energy to someone who needs it can be your gift to them.
Right now I am sending you a special gift of powerful energizing love for you to feel as I write these words.

We are put on this earth to be a service to others, and our purposeful and loving ways can truly help another soul to feel better because we were there giving a kind word, a warm embrace and a smile to brighten another person’s day.