Outdoor Memories

As a child I always loved being outdoors

Beauty behind the greens of life

Beauty behind the greens of life

I remember climbing up trees and finding secret places to just be by myself.
I would  look for places that were dry on rainy days; under the old Weeping Willow tree was always a good spot to just be when sprinkles of rain were coming down. I would look down at the ground finding dry spots from the hanging tree branches to stand under if the rain came down too hard.
Rain and snow never stopped me from taking my walks; only if there was 7 feet of snow or blinding rains.

Today as an adult I want to feel that way again; aloneness time that feels good, but now I  find it difficult to be alone.

I believe  my loneliness today comes from  been surrounded by others; having children and grandkids helps with  alone time. But when  I really ponder on alone time, my soul tells me that it is good to be alone; having time to think again about my next step in time.


You only live once, and then you are spirit; helping others through their difficulties and happy times.

Surround yourself with whatever it is that makes you a happy person.

Live life filled with as much joy as possible because joy and happiness find their way into your being; sadness and grief stay outside of yourself trying to come into your soul. You are the only one that can keep the sadness at bay; allowing for the good to embrace you today.