Better Times

Allow yourself to feel the good and bad of living today


Finding a place today to just sit and be

Finding a place today to just sit and be

But know that better times will emerge when you find peace, harmony and love in you life.
You know that things can get better, even if nothing seems to be going as planned.
There is always a plan to develop or let go of.
And sometimes when you let go, things change for the better.
Do not plan anything today; allowing your day to unfold as it should.
Do not force anything today; allowing your mind, body and soul to emerge in their own time.
What you may find is a pleasant way to balance yourself.

Time to be tolerant and strong
Find time to meditate or pray today; doing both to strengthen your soul will bring you much needed peace to get through some things that may feel only tolerable right now.
And tolerate whatever feelings that come from your heart center; allowing tears to flow or smiles to come; bringing you some balance and harmony.



Allow yourself some time to sit; watching the birds as they float above you; circling their healing and energizing waves of love. See that you too can fly above yourself; finding soulful ways to get in touch with your heart.

Do not fret too much today about things you do not have control over but take time to do the things you can do such as taking a walk, smiling, meeting with a friend.


Care about yourself first so that you can bring that caring and loving way to others; offering them some healing and loving energy to move down their path.