Black and White and Shades of Gray

I believe in subtle shades of color that compliment each other

Be patient; look deeperand you will begin to see shades of more than black and white

Be patient; look deeper and you will begin to see shades of more than black and white

I believe in abstract ways using different patterns and shapes throughout my home to wake up the inner soul with colors. But there is something about those gray areas of life where you feel safer and warm because there is no color, just patterns of gray, white and black.








Shades of greens, yellow oranges and yellows

1 Shades of greens, yellow oranges and yellows

But there is something about black and white that is unsettling. It may make you think about things only one way- either black or white, never in the shades of gray.
Some of us only see things in a certain way, not wondering past that perfect way of thinking and doing.





Do you wander through life only seeing things in a fixed way?

Today is your day to open your mind to a new experience that may be challenging because you are going to see things differently right now.

No more fixed delusional thinking on the black side of life. Open up to the other end, past the center where you thought your were balanced and into an unknown portion of your mind where you have to think differently.

Be patient with yourself as you move to unknown areas of living life. You can take chances now instead of staying in the same place. Walk on the other side of the fence where the grass appears greener and see that it is the same greenĀ or perhaps different, but you walk there, not just gazing at the world through others visions of loveliness.

Stop visualizing and see things clearly by bringing on new adventures into your life. Go to places that you have never been to before; gathering stones and soft rounded edgy glass creations of colorful greens, pinks, browns and whites. Those glass pieces surfacing to you at the water’s edge after a long walk along your sandy way.