Comforting and Loving Times

Remembering to self-comfort

When I need some comfort, I walk through my favorite Farmer's Market breathing in all the sweetness of fresh berries

When I need some comfort, I walk through my favorite Farmer’s Market breathing in all the sweetness of fresh berries

Have some loving times right now between the busy days and evenings. When night finds its way into your path take time for yourself that is yours alone to comfort yourself with a good book or listen to your favorite song of love.

Begin with you
Self-love is where everything  begins; without self-love  you can not love others. For you are truly the only one you have to practice love on. It centers on your watchful eye that carefully chooses each day and how to unfold it in special ways that give you energy and healing.

You struggle trying to fit everything into your day that you need to do and then you move your focus to moments that bring about softness and kindness toward yourself.



Favorite Comforts

Some people have favorite comfort foods such as potato chips with their crunch or ice cream with its endless smoothness in your mouth. Berries and sweet fruits such as bananas can also comfort you with less calories. The taste of a sweet strawberry can take away your craving for other sweet foods.

I love the comfort of my favorite smells such as lavender; sprinkling it on myself at night to soften my sleep and making lavender pillows with hemp seeds and rice for a great little comfort pillow when needed.

Memories of Comfort
I remember my sister’s favorite comfort. It was a pink teddy bear all torn apart looking like it was ready for its last good-bye but she loved it dear, kept it for many years, and each time she had a struggle teddy was right by her side.
My comfort doll was my Tiny Tears dolly that fit me perfectly because I was always crying. I remember asking Santa for her because I thought I could pass some of my tears along to someone else; Tiny Tears!

And today I find tears refreshing, and do not try to push them away from my internal spirit. Tears are good; clearing out all that you need to clear in order to finally find your comfort.