Confident and Healing Waves of Energy

Find some confident ways today to move through life with strength, balance, hope and love.

Surround yourself with bright orange colors to enhance your day

Surround yourself with bright orange colors to enhance your day

The moment that you say the word confidence, your shoulders automatically raise as does your head. You are like a great dancer who has to stand straight and tall, even though you are on you toes.
This practice of confidence will bring you to healing waves that energize you for the day. People will begin to notice the difference in your gait and your persona. They will not be able to put their finger on it, but they will notice that you are different.

A friend of mine recently told me that he felt like people don’t see him as very confident. I told him that he has to practice. Just like any other skill, confident ways have to be practiced.


The beginning of a confident you

Start out small; practicing with your confident walk.

Then move on to practicing on more difficult areas like interviewing for a job. Make sure that the person knows of your strong and energizing ways before you walk out that door.

Confident and Positive waves

Today, allow others to see just how confident you are through your speech. Tell someone about your new job  and how your peers and boss think you are great.

Always be a positive influence on others wherever you go. At work, do not allow yourself to linger on any negative moments. Be there for others as a positive influence even when they may be negative. Change things around to a more positive atmosphere around you; putting on a smile and a joyful presence.

Even if you are the new bee at work, people do love confident and positive people.

Right now offer yourself an internal wave of confidence  by telling the next person you see how you feel about any topic that interest you; even if it is controversial, allow yourself to come off in a confident, positive and knowing wave of energy.

And when you continue down the road with your shoulder back, head straight and a smile on your face, people will look at you new persona in a grand way.