Be present feeling the good and not so good ways of your body, mind and soul.

Notice the brightness in every moment today

Notice the brightness in every moment today

That  physical pain you have when you rise subsides as you move around, that dream you had is almost forgotten within a few moments of yawning and stretching. There may be a tear left from any emotional difficulties you had the night before, but today is a new day full of questions, clarity and answers.

All that is left is your soulful ways; that place never gets tired or full of pain; it  is  always present for you to tap into as needed.

Find yourself deep down into your soul. Go to that place that you have never been before to become one with yourself. Find comfort internally. External comfort from others does not last because nothing is forever except your soul.

You are not alone in this present moment even if you feel alone in the world. That loneliness is only temporary, based upon how much you can strengthen your inner peace.

Be strong through those difficult times, allowing spirit to help guide you toward the next adventure in life.

Calm yourself in some musical ways.

Move your body because it stretches your soul.

Do not stay stagnant thinking that things will change without your help.

Even if your present moment by moment changes are not propelled by you, grasp onto them and ride the wave toward a tomorrow that you have invented.

Create better moments that are meaningful with the momentum coming from your heart and soul.

Feel the waves of energy moving you toward a good present day moment where you notice the beauty of an orange flower as if it was your first glance at such beauty.