Take Spirit Along

Yesterday as I walked, I kept turning around because I thought someone was walking behind me. I did this several times until I realized that it was spirit.

Find your strength through your spirit

Find your strength through your spirit

That scampering of leaves, sudden burst of water from a tree above scattering sprinkles of dew, or that tiny twig dropping right in front of you; making nature sounds for you to believe in how powerful all of life is.
I take spirit wherever I go; reminding myself that I am alive in mind, body and spiritual ways.

You are not alone
Sometimes you have to remember that you are never alone; spiritual happenings and loving miracles are always there for you but you need to be open to the moment; not dwelling in the past or thinking too far in the future; open and mindful to the present and the fact that you are alive; knowing that your next deep, cleansing breath is a gift.

In your mind and soul you need to be open and positive in order to allow  spiritual healing to occur. It is energy and healing ways that you can tap into any time you need to. Your inner soul thanks you when you become the person that you need to be who opens the heart center; allowing a flow of happiness and gratitude to come in like a giant warm wave of energy with its sparkling white and blue waters caressing your soul.

Allow your internal spirit to soar right now; rising above the trees; looking down at you in a magic moment of blissful and healing ways.

Know that you are spiritual

Know that your next breath is a miracle

Understand how important it is to stay present; honoring yourself and your healing ways

Find happiness, joy and love in your daily movement through life’s challenges; tapping into your soul to get you through the good and bad happenings.