Sunshine and Shadows

There will always be both sunshine and shadows in your life; those little gray areas that you have to work on to keep them soft and out of sight.

See yourself in the shadows of the day

See yourself in the shadows of the day

Everyone has them; some shadows are darker than others and rising out of the shadows into the sunshine brings you joy and happiness.
This internal bliss of joyfulness can be captured daily with just a walk, and as you gaze softly onto the shadows of life today, think of how to keep the gray away and the bright oranges and yellows nearby.

Sit often and just be still outdoors watching the birds singing their tunes or feeling the soft and warm  breezes moving you about. There in the light of the day you can rise above; capturing the beauty of the day with its bright blue sky and warm sunny ways.

Be soft today; talking to people in a low tone; allowing others to speak. Listen to everyone you see and find healing ways to capture the moments that may seem mundane but are great moments of life.

What you see today may not seem like an “awe” moment but it is when you look back at it in tomorrows eyes.

Stay in this moment right now to savor everything that comes before you and then you will realize that every moment is precious and healing to you and others on your path.

Keep stillness in mind when you need to calm yourself; staying as still as you can with soft and warm breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth with an “awe” breath where you let all that is troubling you out with this cleansing breath of life.