Hopeful and Healing Ways

Accepting changes in your life

It is easy to tell someone else to stay hopeful because if something bad is not happening to you, you may not be able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, even when you really want to help.

Gardens can be beautiful. Plant a garden into your soul

Gardens can be beautiful. Plant a garden into your soul

It is easier to tell someone else that things will get better but remember that things may not get better for the person you are comforting. If you or someone else is grieving, it is a process which take time to get through, and the steps toward wellness are slow but purposeful. You need to get through things at your own pace.

Be there for others in presence and silence. The person you are comforting needs to find their own hopeful ways of healing.

Your Hopeful ways

For your own hopeful existence, make life easier on yourself by coming to terms with whatever it is that is pushing on you and causing you not to believe in self-healing.

Believe in the daily tasks of living that brings you to confidence again. That confidence that you used to have because you did not feel alone.

And now you may be alone but you are never really alone.

What happens as we age, is that we lose people one way or another. They may want to leave or they may leave in death. Does it really matter how things change for you?

Do you find yourself too proud to see that life just is?

Yes, things just happen, and life just is full of joy, happiness, sadness and grief.

And whatever it is that you are grieving about right now, hopefulness can be yours.

It does not matter if you get what you are hoping for.

You may find that you really do not need what you think you need in life.

Make life a beautiful journey for yourself and others with comforting moments, smiling and happy times. There will always be good and bad times in life and you will be there for both.