Find your song

Musical ways are healing to the mind, body and soul

Music can comfort the soul giving you a calming effect, or exciting you with a loud and fast beat. There is magic and life in a beautiful tune. You can listen any time that you want to; different beats that make you move and dance.

Bring in a soothing melody into your heart on the piano

Bring in a soothing melody into your heart by playing a tune

And with the beat of a drum you can dance softly; taking in the beat, making it yours. The rumble of the drum shakes up your entire being, sending healing energy throughout your body.

My song

My song is slow with faster beats in between to wake up my soul.

My song plays in my head like a sweet melody of childhood where I am dancing, moving and smiling.

And as I play my sweet melody on  the piano my mother’s spirit comes to mind.

She loved when I played the piano for her, and she asked me often as I played for her on her Baby Grand.

Sometimes I did not want to play because of sadness or grief  but I always did, and it made me feel joyful and happy inside. After I played mom would clap with a wide grin and sparkling brown eyes, ” Always play the piano for everyone because it passes along softness and kindness.”

Developing Passionate Ways

Healing and positive energy can be yours and you do not have to learn how to play an instrument unless that is your mission and passion. You can  put on the radio and rock to the beat of your favorite songs, go to concerts where there is Classical music or Jazz, or bounce to the beat of a rock band.

You can put some passion back into your life by listening to the perfect sounds of musical bliss or the perfect sounds of birds singing in the warm summer breezes as you take a meditative walk.

Birds too have a magical beat to their chirps and songs. They talk to each other in musical ways while the fly, dance and spoon.

This musical magical way will help you to see that when you need some calm, harmony and clarity, all you need to do is put it to music.