In the middle

I overhead a person talking about his competitive nature

In the middle of the race in life

In the middle of the race in life


He was a bicycle racer dressed in his gear waiting to begin the race. Red, white and blue he wore as he spoke with gleaming blue eyes, ” I don’t really want to win. Winning is not important. I want to be somewhere in the middle; not number one and not last!” he said with a smile.

And life is full of important moments that you will remember the rest of your life. Whether you win, lose or find yourself somewhere in the middle, your perspective is all that matters.

I love practicing yoga because it has the same non-competitive philosophy that allows you to be wherever you are in the moment.

You do not over-stress yourself into a pose; you just be where you are at.


Find your place in life; allowing yourself to flow from one beautiful moment to another. Find ways to be good with what unfolds for you today. Have goals that you know are attainable with meaningful and loving things to do that lead you toward that goal in life.

Change yourself to more simple and healing ways that  you can pay forward to others.

Find pleasure in the simple things in life  and give.

Give a special gift to someone today that will bring on a smile.

It does not have to be a grand gift; the gift of a smile or a warm embrace, or one simple yellow daisy that you just picked.

And in your race of life do not look over your shoulder to the biker behind you because you may lose your balance.

Promise yourself to settle down and see the clarity right before you. Clarity is opening up for you to see which path to take, and if you do not see where that is find time to be silent and listen to your inner voice showing you the way to your heart center; that place where your spirit is helpfully guiding you.