Challenging Times

Just when you think things are going smoothly in life, a challenge enters

When I want to challenge myself, I grow something

When I want to challenge myself, I grow something

But what is you never had any challenges?

Life would be too easy and you would be bored without some things getting in your way.
Challenges wake you up so that you can smell the coffee!

Some challenges seem too large; sitting right in front of you like a difficult child or spouse who never seems to be cooperative!

Is your challenge too complicated for you?

Do you run away from some challenges because they seem too difficult? I find life difficult. Sometimes I want to just cry over some of the problems I have, and then I think, ” What if I take it slow and allow my difficulties and challenges just be?” Would they simmer down on their own, or would they get worse?

I guess if the problem is not too complicated it could just go away.
And just when you think you are in the clear, another challenge comes along.
As a young mother I remember the challenge of getting the kids off to school; making lunches, washing clothes and taking my children to various events including dance school, soft ball and even music lessons of which none of them became musicians, baseball players or dancers.

And they did do well with all their activities, and now challenge themselves with events in their lives that bring about change.  So stop complaining about all of your difficulties and work on them without rushing through. Find your own special way to make challenges good for you.

See each challenge in life as a step toward your goal of wellness in mind, body and soul.


When I want a writing challenge I read, and whatever it is that inspires me, I write about. Today I read about truth. Truth always rings clear in my mind. Knowing that it can save or destroy things but it is constant.

Sometimes the truth hurts but it also releases you from things that may not have been good to begin with.

Find some goodness in your day today and release a challenge into the Universe just for you. Try something new and exciting that rocks your boat.