Back in time

Sometimes I wonder if I could go back in time would I change anything that has happened to me?

Does the grass seem greener on the other path?

Does the grass seem greener on the other path?

But changing things that have happened would not help.

Today is the here and now place where everything happens right in front of you, unfolding in mysterious and wonderful ways or not so wonderful but unstoppable. And you wait for the good and green grassy times filled with greenness and yellows on both sides of the fence because you know that patience truly is a virtue. And with patience you have stillness, calmness and self-love.


Good Places
A good place to be; breathing in some loving ways and breathing out those dreadful feelings of disharmony and imbalances in you life. You need to be strong, straight and flexible on your walk through life.


Like a strong tree that moves with the flow of things in life, you too can make the changes that bring about confidence and strength in mind, body and spirit.
Take time today to choose what you need in life; stopping for a moment to leave the past where it belongs.
When you bring yourself back to some of those past memories, try to focus on the good ones like eating that giant ice cream cone with your dad, watching the large scoop of raspberry swirl land on the pavement. And dad of course bought your another ice cream.

Allow time to visualize the best moments; concentrating on those past times that brought you a smile today thinking about them. Remember the play times where you walked softly along the beach; building a giant sand castle and watching the waves take it away.

Stop right now and bring on some healing energy throughout your being that propels you into a positive thought about the here and now of life.