Lessons to Learn

All grown up but unable to learn that you have to be patient with life’s events. You do not have as much control as you think, and have to accept things that you do not want to.

Find a place to just be for a moment.

Find a place to just be for a moment.


You rise above yourself looking down at what is going on and you cannot see right in front of you. Spending the time to rise up, have confidence in yourself and grow still has not helped you to be stronger but it has put some hope back into your life.

The sky is blue today with a stillness you can see in the shadows of your life. And as you walk your path today you know that being silent, still and centered can really help you get through to the next transition in life.






Just when you thought that everything in life was going to be peaceful and kind to you, it is not.

And the changes that seem to be forced upon you right now in this moment are there for a reason; lessons that you put into your heart center to look at when needed.

Powerful change

The changes that you want to complete are still there in front of you with spirit as your guide to move you with momentum and grace.

There are still many adventures that you do have control over; look for them right now and smile thinking about how life puts things in your way so that you move in a different direction.

Change can be a powerful, uplifting and challenging event that you need to prepare for as much as you can.

Remember that even the changes that seem forced upon you can bring on a new transitional time that will bring you hope, happiness and success.

Peace and harmony will come to you when you learn your lessons well. Over and over again you may need to complete that circle of life and when you finally know that you have completed each step toward wellness in mind, body and soul, you will have contentment in your many travels.