But it is not fair…


If you go through life believing that things happen for a reason, you will also find that life is not fair

Breathe in and breathe out the sweet scent of lavender today for its calming effects

Breathe in and breathe out the sweet scent of lavender today for its calming effects



Finding your unique perspective
Some people seem to get all the luck and you have none of it.
Some people seem to be very happy but you are not.
And some people seem to land on their feet like your tabby brown and white cat who scampers off like nothing happened.
But that is just your perception of what others may have or not have.






The Yin and Yang of living
Once you figure out that there are good and bad happenings you will be a happier person.
Do not look around you to find fairness, happiness and luck.
Look inside of yourself for beautiful happenings. Find some love internally to bring to others who may also being feeling some injustices.
Look around at the beauty of nature as a lake wave crests at shore with it white and blue sparkling waters. It too moves in and out of troubled waters; sometimes calm and still and other times full of fury and thunder.

Musical Healing
Find peace and harmony in listening to some soft and soothing music; closing your eyes to feel the beat, the mellowness and the flow of time passing by.
Time can pass you by with a loud thump or a soft breeze because you are in control of what you do right now.

Calming times

Breathe in some love and breathe out some healing to others today. Bring the fresh smell of  lavender to someone today; saving some for your own calming  and healing ways when you need it.

Today, in this moment find peace in knowing that you are here today; taking that breath that brings you some harmony, stillness and silent times.