Today make a commitment to live life well

Stop struggling with things that you do not have control over and take that first step toward taking care of yourself so that you can be there for others.
Be happy
Be kind
Be everything that you want to be
Take challenges
Take chances
Never stop believing in yourself

Life is like a giant circle; you come back to where you started and that place may be right where you want to be. There are so many reasons to stop right now and practice some happiness; bringing it to others on your journey through life today. There is always someone else who has even more difficulties that you do, be there for them today.

Positive and Healing Ways

Surround yourself today with positive people. They will take you to another level; that place where you know that things change, life can be challenging but you carry on.


Today accept what is in store for you. Do not struggle trying to make your day different than what is going to unfold. Stay in the moment; knowing that you accept life, love yourself and feel confident that you can move through this moment with grace and dignity.

Find yourself today walking along the grassy and powerful greens, pinks and yellows of nature. Pick those  pretty weedy flowers that you see along your path  and place them in a vase for your table; remembering your walk and understanding that you need to get in touch with nature and life.

Breathe in the calmness of life that circles you back to a healing way that you remember but are not currently practicing, and breathe out some harmony and balance that straightens you out; shoulders back head straight as you walk with confidence and love in your heart.