Picture how green life is in your mind’s eye. Green is a lush color; covering the earth with its grassy waves of beauty and positive energy as it covers you with healing moments.

Green  is like a soft blanket, much like snow but warm and lovely in the green breezes of summer.  See it settle down when the rain enters and helps green to stay that way. Just when you think your grass cannot get greener, it does. And the saying the grass is greener on the other side of the fence is not true today in your vision.

Find your perfect green scene

Find your perfect green scene

Green; a healing color that brightens your day in the summertime. It softly sways in the greens of grasses as they grow strong; covering everything that you look at during warmer times as a blanket with soft and healing ways.

Childhood memories
As a child you could lie in the grass or sit by a tree to shade yourself; watching the ants and other critters poking about with you. Nature calls you right now to watch its wonder waves of love for you.

Sit in the grass as a child with freedom to choose stillness; lying down to capture above and below; feeling your hands softly caressing grasses so green and healing.

And when you are done with your grassy moment, take the time to practice meditation for a moment where you breathe in love and breathe out some bright greens.

Breathe in happiness and breathe our any discontentment you have right now.

Breathe in happiness and breathe out another joyful moment in time.

Add some balance and harmony into your life today with nature at your side; finding yin and yang waves of pleasure; knowing that you have to have both good and bad moments to be human and joyful.