Mindful Ways

As you age, you begin to accept the way things are

You become a person with a watchful eye; gazing at beautiful scenes in nature and loving each moment you have right now in the moment.

Hidden paths

Hidden paths


Begin today by becoming mindful of your many senses.


Be mindful of your physical senses such as hunger and you will not have difficulties with your weight. Mindful eating consists of slowing yourself down and tasting each bite. Mindful hunger pangs help you to feel a hunger burst coming on, and if you comply by eating something right away you will not binge later on. Be in touch with your inner guide and you will slow down, breathe and then you will find that meals are a pleasure.


Find a way to get in touch with your emotions; giving yourself time to sort out your different types of moods, not just happy or sad, but deeper mood awareness such as despair, loneliness or joy and elatedness.

Then you can  develop an action plan that includes knowing what to do with a low mood, or how to sustain joyfulness!

Perhaps mindfully talking a look at down times with some meditation and concentrating on your breath will bring you to a place of softness and contentment.

Mind talk

Give up the negative self- talk and change those not so good thoughts to better ones. This takes a mindful heart center where you know that you will have to practice in order to become better at staying on the optimistic side of life.


Be hopeful that you can grow, change and find healing ways for yourself. Believe that taking one step each day toward a more centered you can be accomplished.

Believe in love

Believe in hope

Believe in yourself