Finding it

Angela said she would find a place of peace and love.

When you are depressed it is like playing a guitar but not hearing any sounds

And you hear the sweet harmony of a guitar playing its magical sounds

Finding it was not difficult because she had lived near tranquil yet wild waters most of her life near the beach with the seagull flying above singing their songs of love.

In your mind’s eye

Above the water with the perfectly blue sky the gulls  look down at you sitting on the stone wall close to the water’s edge. You kick and twirl you feet and toes like a child resting and  softly gazing at the waves coming in and out.




It helps you to see that there is balance in nature with the waves perfectly centered; rushing in and rushing out in harmony with the water moving closer to you as you see the sand turning a milky brown color while the waves never stop to rest.

You are wearing a summer hat that is white but full of pink polka dots. In your mind’s eye you  visualize this picture of yourself as a child who is happy and content just sitting there for hours.  Your mother calls you for dinner but then you realize that it is time to swing on your rope near the doll house. There you can swing so very high; touching the sky and seeing the waters as you swing to and fro. Mother calls again; ringing a bell on the edge of the porch. You know it is time to move on.

Those good memories stay with you for your entire life and the bad ones softly stay in a spot you can no longer retrieve and that is good.

Good times

In  life you will always have  good things coming in and  bad thing moving  out  to form that balance and harmony you are searching for.

You hear the songs of wild gulls singing in musical harmony like children scampering with their high pitched sounds of contentment. Why is it that children can be so very carefree and we cannot?

You look up into the blue sky gazing at the horizon which is turning a bright orange as the sun sets and you are thankful because this place of tranquility where the beach never ends and the warm orange and yellow glow when the sun rises and sets is right before you every single day.

Find your place of peace and tranquility where you can sit and just be; concentrating on yourself for once and moving youself to a better place in your mind, body and soul.