Good news

Youthful ways

Examining life close up

Examining life close up

In youth  it was difficult to have confidence in myself, especially during difficult times. I would struggle trying to get by, hiding some of my flaws through laughter and a talkative nature.

Aging brings about needed confidence

As an older adult, there is no need  inside my heart center to call on my perfect ways that are not so perfect.

Today, I am who I am; crying, laughing, and even giggling like a child having a good time as I walk strong down the path of life.

One more time

And when I am not having a good time I struggle but pick myself up one more time;brushing off the dust from the many falls I have had during my lifetime.

Every day I  ask  my inner soul  to bring me to a place where I can smile with love and kindness in my heart.

And then this healing, warm wave of energy moves through my body shaking me up to notice the goodness that is right before me.

I believe they call this inner soul search your wake up call; that time when you realize that all you have is right before you, you just have to reach out.


You may struggle with confidence, balance and stamina in your early years but the good news about aging is that you do not continue with the lack of confident and healing ways. You can be strong when you need to be because years have given you wisdom to know that some things do not unfold the way you would like them to, and you have to practice acceptance.

Always accept what you cannot change; keeping in mind that there will be many happenings in your life that you do have control of.

Asking with confidence
Today when I need something I ask for it.
It may still take some shoulders back, standing strong persona to get me where I want to be but the confidence is there when needed.