Confident and Healing Ways

Reach for the sky because you know that you have been down at the bottom of things. And being at the bottom is good too because you have to start again; knowing that up is the only place to go!

Look up and catch the beauty

Look up and catch the beauty

Lift others with you

Lift others up because you can be a strong support when a friend needs you, and a helper who builds confidence in others and yourself.

Your confidence grows stronger each day as you practice this spirit-like flow of energy that circles around you and releases a healing and positive energy to others.

You will begin to feel this energizing and healing way immediately upon rising each day as you practice confidence.





Tree-Like Poses

Change it up with some yoga

Change it up with some yoga

Practice confidence; strong like a tree and love like there is no tomorrow because there is no tomorrow just today; in this moment.

Stand strong

When you stand strong your arms  are stretched to the sky.

As you breathe in and out softly, feel the warm energy spreading throughout your body. This warmth will keep you throughout the day with loving waves of energy and healing moments as you reach out gently to others in each moment.
Confident Minds
Confident people stand strong, shoulders back with a smile and warm handshake or hug.
Practice some confident ways by doing something completely different in your life. You need to change it up and you know it.

Mindful Waves

Find mindful waves of pleasurable moments with visions of warm waters that flow to and fro like a rocking boat that you are sitting on with your hand dipping in and out of the warm, crystal waters.

And the boat rocks and rolls you to a sleepy state of mindfulness where you are calm, balanced and in harmony with your spirit. Stay mindful throughout your day; bringing yourself back to this moment where there is nothing but your breath. Breathing in and out is all you need to do; slowing yourself down and feeling the bliss and joy.