Finding some happiness

You have to find happiness, you cannot depend on others to make you happy

Reflections of love

Reflections of love

Happiness is an internal blissful and joyful energy that comes from spirit. Happiness is also healing.  When you have this special feeling of happiness you feel whole and complete.
Your personal spirit rises above you to let you know there are happy times to embrace that you may be missing. Listen to spirit calling on you to take those steps toward a happy day.

I walked today along a pond. I always wait to hear the soft noises of the pond with its clear water, jumping fish and frogs making their deep and crowing sounding noises.

You never see the frogs, you just get to listen to them speak on the wonders of the pond.
I sat for a few moments and before I knew it I was back up to the street without recalling walking away from the pond.

Balance, harmony and love

I felt empty at my heart center for a moment and then I looked back at the bench where my spirit was still gazing. I knew that I was still there; focusing on what I needed; a dose of nature and its calm and healing ways.


  Then I asked myself should I return to the water? But I kept walking looking back and then finding that I felt whole again; mind, body and soul had returned to my moment in time. It was a happy moment filled with joyful noises, soft breezes and the warm rays of the sun at my back; caressing me with the soft yellow and orange rays.

Catch yourself wandering off into spirit today. It is a healing way to get in touch with what is important and joyful.

Bring some joyful and healing moments into your life with a walk to a pond.