Coming back to you

Things come back to you in different ways

Through the trees seeing the neighborhood's gardens

Through the trees seeing the neighborhood’s gardens

Things come back to you;  some are good and some not so good but they all come back to find you and you will feel this effect immediately or not so immediately in kindness that is reciprocated in moments unexpected.
You may not  remember the kind thoughts, deeds and actions that brought you to this time in life where good things just keep on pouring on to you, but if you are always kind and loveable, it will be returned to you in different ways.

Mowing lawns
Recently I found myself complaining about my neighbors not mowing their lawn but it was getting me no where, so I asked my husband and a neighbor both at the same time if they would cut the neighbor’s lawn so that we could have a nice grassy view when people approached our neighborhood.

They both laughed at me, but the next day I received a call from my husband telling me a story of how a unknown person had mowed the neighbor’s lawn (he of course was talking about himself.)

It put a smile on my face knowing that my husband had done something so nice for someone else.
I never thought about it again until today when I saw both neighbors each living on the right and left of my home, grooming their lawns. And they were so very proud saying to me as I passed by for my daily walk, ” I cannot believe how nice my lawn looks now, no more weeds. I am so proud of how nice my yard looks.”
I smiled and gave her a thumbs up as I passed by.

And this Karmic wave keeps growing strong with  movement and momentum of goodness coming to you in the moment.