Giving and receiving are the same thing

Fresh cut flowers bring smiles to many

Fresh cut flowers bring smiles to many

When I receive flowers I am most gracious because they  bring love and warmth inside of me and  to others when placed on my table; passing along the bright colors to everyone who enters my home along with the smell of sweetness that can be carried around with you for the day. Those sweet and honeysuckle scents send shivers down my spine as I move through my day.

Every day I smile as I pass by the flower that I received a few days ago.

I remember being asked by the giver, “What color flower do you want? Mary had many flower pots lined up for all of her friends.

I said with a smile, the yellow ones always make me feel like sunshine.” And Mary  said, ” I knew you would pick the yellow flower.” And as I pruned this  yellow flower today in garden, I thought of my dear friend and how much it meant to have this beautiful flower around me that was given to me.

The warmest pink

Other flowers that I keep in my mind’s eye are the pink ones. I love the color pink, and its brightness sends warmth to my spirit. Whenever I see the color pink I think of warmth, kindness and harmony. A harmonious delicate pink rose, centered amongst other pink and white flowers; brining on a warm and soft vision of stillness and bliss.

I feel blessed whenever I receive flowers, and I pass the blessing along; finding others to touch with my gratitude and love.
Do not feel that you cannot receive things from others because it is “too much.”
The person who is on the giving end wants to give to you and that brings the receiving back to them with a pleasurable Karmic movement that moves in a wondrous circle of healing.
When something is given to you, take it with gratitude because you are also giving back with your kindness, your smile and warm embrace.