Born to Shine

When you are feeling lonely or sad think of yourself as a shining light

Move with your mood today.

Move with your mood today


The energy inside of you is bursting; ready to come out in warm waves of healing.

Colorful healing ways

You no longer see things in black and white because colors surround you and warm your heart.





You feel the warmth inside at your heart center where everything glows warm hues of yellow, orange, blue and pink. The colors are amazingly warm and carefree at the same time; telling you to embrace yourself in their wonder. Giving yourself a yellow and pink hug you walk strong down your path today.
The healing and warm colorsĀ in your visionĀ  inside of you helps you to be centered, balanced and in harmony with everything around you.

You can even hear the not so silent ways of the birds and warm breezes that follow you throughout your day. Their melody becomes part of you as you say to yourself, “I hear the sounds of life that keep me focused on living today and every day with a smile.”

Glowing you
You are born to be a glow in someone’s life along with your own life. Be that confident person today; shoulders back, head straight and strong. Believe in miracles today and every single day because they are there awakening you to see them as you move through this moment in time.

The good mood

When you feel good, show others with a warm smile and be amazed at how everyone around you smiles back. Walk and talk with confidence about the good things that are happening today, allowing the negativity and bad mood thoughts mindfully flow out of your mind’s eye.

You can do it; put yourself into a wonderland of shining stars; allowing these loving ways to be passed along to everyone you touch today.