Tapping butterflies

While in my garden tending to some weeds a yellow and black butterfly tapped me on my shoulder. It was so gentle I did not even notice until I turned around and saw the beauty of nature. And nature is at its best with the beauty of a soft, gentle butterflies.

Loving the tapping butterflies

Loving the tapping butterflies

Butterflies seem to bounce as they move along, but it is a gentle bobbing, hard to describe.
This is the closest I have ever been to a butterfly.


The butterfly was yellow and black; a creamy sort of yellow that looked very soft and mellow.
I have tried to take pictures of butterflies but it is difficult because of the way they move with a different kind of grace and harmony.

They are like a soft melody playing soft and then louder so that you have to change your focus on the song as you do with the butterfly.
Whenever I see a butterfly  I remember my mom saying with a smile, “Those butterflies really love my lilac bushes, I watch them hovering around in the spring time. I love watching their silent ways.”
And in my garden I could smell the sweetness of spring; perhaps a sweet smelling lilac in the neighbors yard or deep in the woods near my home.

My grandson and I love to walk into the woods behind my home and just sit on a log listening to birds and smelling the freshness of a recent shower. And the leaves still have those milky droplets of rain on them, and when you pass by and shake them it is like rain all over again; a light shower comes to greet you as you walk.
” Yes mom, I still love butterflies and lilacs with their silent melody singing in my ears as I take a walk to visit you.”