My Heart Center is my happy place

What do you cherish in life? I love to take pictures of the most beautiful flowers I can find

What do you cherish in life?
I love to take pictures of the most beautiful flowers I can find

Hold dear those days close to your heart center where you are at peace and happiness surrounds you.

You sit with your children and friends who have all gathered to see you and enjoy your presence. There is nothing like having some positive moments with family and friends.
Cherish and be joyful of all those moments that are one after another, keeping you centered and well.





Visions of love

Bring up these visions of love and peace whenever you are having a moment that is not so nice; finding ways to just let the negative pass by you mindful that more positive will come soon.
Keep yourself in a good place;mind, body and soul where you are centered, happy and balanced.
Allow those balanced moments to be more frequent as you get older; reminding yourself that your time here is limited and needs attention to the details.
And hang on to those tiny details where you are handing your grandson an apple, cookie and love. He will remember even if it is just a simple positive moment where you bring a smile to someone else who loves you.

Cherishing old pictures

Today I was looking at some old pictures with my family, and I did not think of how important it is to remember how it used to be until now. People hang on to many pictures throughout their lives in boxes, albums or just scattered throughout their homes without even really looking at them. Are they saving the pictures to pass forward to others?

Before my guests arrived, I randomly placed hundreds of pictures into plastic bags and we each grabbed a bag to look through; spending time on finding just the right one. And the right one seemed to be the most bizarre! How different we looked in the past; younger, thinner; whatever it was that made us different in the past seemed to bring on some humor.

Laughing, crying and loving things from our past are moments to cherish.

Find a place in your heart for some pictures of life; gathering those visions to bring up when you need a smile.