Sometimes you really have to look closely at something to see it

Seeing the beauty in breezy weeds

Seeing the beauty in breezy weeds

And sometimes you are looking too close and may be ruminating on things you do not have any control of.

Looking on the surface 
You may glance at things that you should put some time into and then wonder why things do not turn out the way you planned.
With people too, looking at just the surface may bring you a minor glance at what is really there. And until you look deeper to find the specialness of each person, you may never know them very well.

Looking too deep?

The opposite of shallowness in digging too deep.

The deep look into things can also  bring about confabulation and misunderstanding at times; bringing about confusion and even some sadness if your thoughts are negative. You may begin to see things that are not really there.


How do you stay in the middle?

Just like Goodie locks, you do not want too much comfort or too much pain. Her bed had to be not too soft and not too hard; just right.

The Yin and Yang of Living life well

Staying in the middle may take some effort. Learning from your mistakes and knowing when it is time to let go.

And when you let go you become a free person who scans, looks deeper when needed and backs off when there is no need to focus on things you may have no control of.


Yes, it is a fine line at the center of comfort. It takes a long time to understand yourself and others so that you do not cross the line into interference with where someone else may be in the moment.

Have your own moments and if they include someone else, that is good. And if your moments are alone that is good too. Do not feel lonely when you are alone. Savor those moments for some quiet, meditative times where you discover important things about yourself.

Center your being

Be loving and careful with yourself; finding that place where you can comfort, love and be in harmony with your inner soul.

And feel blessed for each day you have on this earth.