Green Glass Bowl

I remember you mom as you told me to stop running in circles around the dining room into the kitchen

Remember the good things in life that bring you comfort and peace

Remember the good things in life that bring you comfort and peace

And as I passed the hallway table, there was a beautiful green glass bowl. It had a handle and you could put things inside like some dried flowers.
You loved this bowl and the green opaque glass looked so lovely, centered on the hallway table.


Today I have that bowl carefully displayed on a table near my window with some dried eucalyptus standing tall in  the bowl.

When I pass  greenness embraces me with  a calming effect from the eucalyptus as I feel your presence and the vision of my childhood comes into my mind’s eye. So carefully were the treasures placed in your home, special items from your past that you held dear. I still have an attachment to different shades of green that I find in my nature walks that bring me back to you.


As I continue on my circle of loving and healing ways to help myself and others see that it is not all about what you are going to do next, it is about what you are doing right now.

Find those treasured moments right now that bring you back to a smiling and happy time in your life; bringing them with clarity into the present moment and allow yourself to feel pleasure, harmony and love.

Living Treasures

Carefully protect your treasures.

They may be living treasures that you help along the way.

Those people around you need you to be there. You bring comfort to them on a sad day, and they bring love to you when you need a warm embrace.

Treasure each moment that comes your way.

Stay focused and loving; passing along positive energy along your path.

Find time to be mindful of where you are right now, and keep that mindful time tucked into your spirit to bring out when you need to take a deep breath. Breath slowly allowing your breath to push up your shoulders and calm yourself as you release everything today.