Being more mindful

When I think of all the thinking I do throughout the day I try to focus back on being more mindful of the present.

Be in the moment gazing on some blue and white clouds; allowing yourself to just be in this perfect moment

Be in the moment gazing on some blue and white clouds; allowing yourself to just be

You may seem to ruminate on the things that are bothering you; over and over again letting your wheels spin on the same difficulty that goes unresolved.
It may be time to begin believing that some things just have to be put aside.
And this mindful moment you have becomes your focus; thinking of nothing but the here and now of living life well in mind, body and soul.

Mindful living

I know  a person who is mindfully living. Always present in the moment of life. Taking walks even when it would be easier to just sit, and helping others when it would be easier to just think of themselves.

Mindful living can be a blessing because you move aside all that is bothering you, replacing it with a kind word, a meditative moment or anything that brings you back to just breathing in and breathing out. You smile, you dance softly, and you feel each moment as it passes by your mind’s eye. Even those distracting thoughts float by you with grace and gentleness.

In the moment

If you live in the moment you will find that there are distractions coming along to put you off track of what is important but you can learn how to dismiss the things you do not have control of through a mindful thought where you just think of your breath and how to get yourself calm, balanced and centered. If you practice daily; finding that moment in time where you are centered; not too happy, not too sad, you will be able to capture it again and again any time you have the need to just be.

Spiritual Bliss

Find this little piece of your spirit where you can hold on to this bliss and you will be amazed at how much better you feel every day.

Capture the moment with some soft music, a walk on a sunny day or a bike ride. All of these activities can be done in a mindful, slow, peaceful and healing way.