Good for the soul

Whatever it is that is good for your soul, do it today

See your reflections today

See your reflection today

Finding that passion, that powerful blast of love that brings you hope and a positive moment.
We all put things off until tomorrow…
Be that person who does it today.
Your soul search may take some time; testing out some things you have always wanted to do.
But the search needs to begin with you.
For the past few weeks I have been stretching myself physically on Fridays; doing some extra exercise to soothe my soul.
Even exercise can become a meditative dance where you think of nothing but how you breathe and this cardio breath is your heart center; that place in your soul telling you to stretch yourself today.

I saw a woman playing with her dog. The dog was quite amazed by the water; in and out he walked, lapped a few watery drinks and then wagged his tail as if to smile. I loved watching him hop in and out of the very cold water, and it triggered a moment for me where I moved in and out of things over and over again. (I was thinking about moving in and out of yoga poses because they seem to calm me down.) And this dog, so happy with his repeating movements can bring you toward a positive thought about yourself and what you need to move toward.

Old things can become new again

Those simple tasks that get you thinking like walking to the same place by a pond each day  and seeing something different each time is as amazing to me as the dog jumping about in the same place over and over as if it was a new experience each time.

You can see life that way too; starting over again with a relationship that may be a bit stale and needs some tending. And you can work at that mending and tending to make it stronger than it used to be along with more loving because you took the time to make things better.

See things differently today. In the same place but not the same thinking.

Live with a more positive and optimistic view of the same daily routines.

Begin with a clear and mindful meditative moment where you think of nothing but your breath and slowing it down.