Soft Sounds

In the springtime as nature moves toward summer and warmer months we are surrounded by soft sounds of love

Sunny budding flowers coming your way

Sunny budding flowers coming your way

Awakened today to the sound of a woodpecker tapping not so gently on a tree branch in the woods, I realized that the sun was already shining and l needed to quickly get dressed as to not miss a moment of the sounds of nature.
You see, we had such a terrible winter that it seems that we have to continue our search of every single moment that we have to soak in the sun, listening to the summer moving in.





Quickly I move as I have to get out there to meet a friend who I know has already gone down our path to see the morning sunrise.

And even in the dead of winter, I am still there but lonely for the sunshine and the peck of the woodpecker.

Treasure each moment that is given to you as you walk today slowly gathering in the sunny day; listening to the birds chattering and singing to each other; telling their stories of the long winter.

We know that the winter is over because the smell of summer is lingering near as the grass turns greener and greener and the budding flowers come up to greet us.

Allow your eyes to gaze at the amazing ways of spring and summer; savoring each and every moment in soft ways today.

Do not have any troubles today, and if you do, dismiss them with a deep breath of the sweet airy ways of spring on your shoulders.