Staying in the present


Just a tree?

Just a tree?

And then focus on the right now.
The longer you stay focused on what will happen in the future or the bad things that are happening now or in  the past, the more you stay unhappy, confused and fearful.

Take a look at what is right before your eyes such as the texture of a tree with its swaying branches and rough texture; shading you from the sun and posing for you any time you need to see the beauty of nature.

And the greener than green grass behind the tree, telling you that spring is here and it is your time to think clearly and focus on the present happenings in life.




You only have one life to gaze at the wonders of spirit flying above; capturing you moments of blissful peace.

Just a Tree?

You have roots; use them to stand tall and centered

You have roots; use them to stand tall and centered

Trees stand strong and steady, telling you that you need to do the same. Trees are flexible yet strong, and their strength is amazing. Climb up a tree and you will see forever; the sky opening up for you; allowing time to stand still for a moment just for you.

You can practice tree pose right now; standing strong with your hands rising to the sky. And when you are in this strengthening pose remember to send flexibility and strength into your mind’s eye to comfort you; allowing you to be at peace with nature.







Think about your balance every single day of your life. When you get up, stand on one foot and then the other to see where your physical balance is for the day.

And after standing tall, think about where your mental balance is. Are you going to be as optimistic as possible today?

What are some of the good things that you have planned today to help yourself stay centered?

Find ways to center yourself through starting the day with a good meal of oats and fruit, and then off for a morning walk to settle your spiritual self into a blissful moment for a great morning.

Spend time with others who are liked minds to talk about optimism and positive thoughts, and then pass this energy to others on your path today.