Positive and energizing ways

I need to convince myself on a daily basis to stay positive and then this healing energy surfaces throughout my being, sending it off to others.

Don't miss anything today. Even if it is just to stop and skip a stone.

Don’t miss anything today. Even if it is just to stop and skip a stone.

It is a difficult adventure at times; focusing on the positive when it is much easier to stay in a funk.
But when you are in a bad mood it seems to last forever, passing it along to others on your path who will listen. And those listening people are tainted by you funky mood; bringing some negative vibes to them.
So if you want to get out of your own dilemma and do some good for others, stay as optimistic and hopeful as you can.
Hope stands for:

Everyone has problems in life. Take that as your mode of operation today where you strongly believe that you are not the only person on this earth that has difficulties.

Energize yourself with some positive and healing ways today; touching another physically, emotionally and spiritually. Tell a story of hope and kindness. Be kind, honorable, full of life and purposeful.

Find your purpose today in helping someone who needs you.

Mindful optimism

When I want a positive moment I do something simple with purpose; mindful and slow.

Simple things like washing the dishes with soapy water or washing a floor by hand can be an enlightening moment where you think of nothing but repeating the task over and over.

These simple ways help you to see the flow of things as they move through your mind’s eye. Then I take a slow, meditative walk, trying my best not to think about anything except slowing my breath and getting in touch with the beauty of nature; listening closely and only hearing the birds tweet their sweet songs of love.