Speaking truths

Letting go

Where is your path leading you today?

Where is your path leading you today?

I was in line today at the motor vehicle office when I overheard a man in front of me talking to the person behind him.

He was a rough sort of person with deep lines in his forehead and long hair that was turning gray. He was dressed casually in jeans, flannel brown shirt and leather boots with pointy toes. He looked like the typical biker to me with his Harley hat emblem on his cap.



He spoke as if he knew the tiny cherub looking woman with blonde hair and blue eyes and she was noticeably touch by what he said.
” I lived a tough life, smoking a lot of cigarettes and drinking quite a bit. I have a boat, motorcycle and a home in Florida for the winter but recently I found out I will die soon, he said with a chuckle. ”


And I thought I would live longer than 72, but I am fine with it. I did a lot of hard living and now I am paying for it. And I thought it was all the Hostess Cup Cakes that clogged the arteries in my neck but the doctor said it was the cigarettes.

So I will go home and wait to die eating my favorite foods but not smoking anymore. I am sure the bad food did not help either,” he said with a  wide grin that showed his brown teeth and added a dimension to his wrinkling cheeks that gave him a child-like glimmer for a moment.
She smiled and said, “I am so sorry.”
I stood there just staring at the two of them thinking that sometimes it is easier to tell someone you do not know your truths. They are not a part of your life so you will never see them again.

What a fine way to let it all out.

Being ready for death is a good thing. You settle down to the moment; enjoying each second mindfully, not distracted by future happenings or hindsight from the past.