Time is moving through us

Why does time have to move so very fast?

See yourself in the reflections of watery visions today

See yourself in the reflections of watery visions today

“Is time moving too fast for me?”
I ask myself this question lately as I move through the nice times in life that seem to be too short.
Children, grandkids, loving relationships all seem to move through my life like a barrel rolling fast down a hill; catching some moss as it rolls by me. Making noisy rumbling and  thundering noises that wake me up!
And I see the barrel  but cannot seem to catch up with it to get it to slow down for a moment; allowing me to balance myself with a breath.

Taking a breath
Lately it seems that every breath is counted.

If you knew exactly how many breaths you would have in your life, would you begin to count?

A way of measuring life’s events and looking at your watch saying to yourself, “This better not take too long, it is taking too many breaths of life. I need to save some.”

Slowing down

So I begin to save my breaths by slowing them down; consciously becoming aware any time I am winded and catching breath after breath to savor the moments in time.

Knowing that my ticker may also have a finite number of beats I begin my journey today thinking that meditation has been a very good thing for me and  I have to find more minutes in my daily events to slow down, relax and meditate.

And when I am there in a meditative state, I dismiss those worrisome ways that distract me; mindfully finding my way down my vision path to a place that is spirit.


And today, as in every day, my spirit rises above telling me that all the good things in life are in my daily living where I help others, and in helping others, I help myself find more and more happy moments.

I am conscious of not moving too fast down the road of life; staying balanced and in touch with myself in a mindful way.