I thought I saw you there

I know I heard you as I walked my usual path down the street, up and around the curve of the road where the grass is turning greener as spring casts its loving ways.

Spirit always seems to come in threes; the clanging, bells ringing and the scattering of leaves

Spirit  seems to come in threes; clanging pails, bells ringing and the scattering of leaves

The wind was blowing strongly today and a pail on a doorstep rolled back and forth, creating a loud clang that startled me only for a moment and then I realized you were calling me.
You said that I would know when you were around; in the scattering of the leaves on those  bright sunny days and in the warmth of summer; your favorite; hot and breezy days of peace.

Every day is new you would tell me; newer than the last day because you never know what to expect, and the excitement of the unknown challenges us every single day.
I heard the church bells too. They were clanging your name; telling me your song; singing and swaying in harmony.

You loved to listen to soft piano music and would ask me to play when I came to your home. I  loved to play for you because no one else ever asks me anymore, except for dad.

You would listen and smile while he sang along out of tune.
And my piano is silent now because no one is here to ask me to play.
I should ask spirit to push me a bit and play for myself; knowing that you are probably listening somewhere close, telling me, “Brush up on those tunes honey, you need to practice.”

Every time I sit down to play the piano I think of you; know that you are thinking of me.