Stopping Time just for a moment

I want to stop time just for a moment to go back to quiet, nice times in life that bring about peace for me

Circles remind me that treasured moments in time always come back

Circles remind me that treasured moments in time always come back


I wore my mom’s watch for a few weeks; an older one that she had many years ago. The girl at the jewelry shop would not guarantee that the battery she put in it would last because they do not make the battery for this watch anymore.

And she was right, it slowed down and then stopped a week ago, and I looked up to see if mom wanted me to fix it once again.
I remember when mom wore this watch. A beautiful golden band. The entire watch is golden; just the way she loved things; shiny and gold. I remember her saying, “I love this watch but every once in a while it pinches me with the band, so I think I should get another one.”

And she did but carefully put this one away just in case she wanted to wear it again. When I found this watch recently, a flood of memories about mom came into my mind’s eye like a lightning bolt, sending me some warm shivers of energy.
Tomorrow I will again take it to the jeweler and see if it can be fixed because it also pinches me slightly every once in a while to let me know that mom is still here by my side; letting me know that a pinch to wake you up or bring on good memories is a good thing.
Finding something that helps me to remember seems to stop time for a moment when I can visualize spending time with mom in her home along with my dad, sisters and nana. And never forgetting  a cat named Tiger and a dog named Pierre.

It seems so very long ago, or was it yesterday?