It takes time to heal from wounds of the heart; especially when love is deep and unconditional

Waiting for the beautiful greens of warmer weather

Waiting for the beautiful greens of warmer weather

Many of us give up on love; believing that they tried long enough; drawing a line in the sand that they will not step beyond. But if you are a believer in people; you know that we are all spiritual beings who move through life with ups and downs. And some downs in life may last longer than expected; bringing some good and some sadness in life’s adventures.


You may pull away from a person who does not always bring you up and you may feel that the person has been taken away by their persistent low mood.

“They are not the same as they used to be, ”  you say as you wait  for their return.

And you become the relentless one. That person who knows that if you wait long enough good things come back to you because there is always the yin and yang of life with long stretches of good times mixed in with some bad times.

Healing Comes with your blessings and caring ways

You send out that unconditional healing energy that circles your loved one; engulfing their being so that they know they are comforted by your touch. Even those non-physical touches are felt by them. And at first they may feel annoyed that you are trying so very hard to bring them closer and then all of a sudden they are closer to you in mind, body and spirit.

And you are grateful that you waited to see what would happen if you were just patient.

You knew all along that your loved one was still there underneath all of that depression and sadness;waiting for you to finally reach them because they were just too deep in the muck of darkness to reach out for you.

You did it; you stayed and cared for them even when you felt like you did not want to do it anymore.  Your life was turned upside down and you felt like you could not do it anymore but you stayed.

And you began to strive toward an internal bliss that used to be the way you felt about your loved one.

That person who once held you so tight is moving toward you so slowly that you don’t even see it except when they tell you to wait and be patient.


You have no false hope that things will be the same. You don’t even want sameness; you want change because change always brings energy and hopeful moments.


Know that this transitional time will be very different from the past, and that may be a very good thing because new emerging challenges are like flowers blooming; as you wait for the buds to turn into beautiful yellow flowers of spring, you smile.