Strong and Steady

When things fall apart in life, can you put them back together?

Broken barns

Broken barns

Sometimes broken objects can be fixed without any detection and other times you need to throw it away or save it in its broken state.
Every day I walk by some barns down my street. There are some homes in disrepair and others that are strong and sturdy.

Broken Barns

The funny thing about barns is that they can stay up broken, swaying in the wind, and no one seems to wonder why. Someone once told me that they have a center post that keeps the balance in a not so study structure. Just like we have a heart center that can be strong with evenness at our center; keeping us strong in mind, body and spirit.

And when barns do crash down, there may be a lot of memories tucked inside of them that will never be forgotten, but no one seems to worry about barns falling down like a house. A house has to be stable with large beams holding it strong and steady. If a house sways with the wind, we need to get out quick!
There are so many different types of relationship crashes and some can be saved while others just have to move on. And just like a barn you may be able to pick up the pieces and carry on carefully finding ways to reconcile, or give up on your relationship as so many people do. You and your partner have to make the decision as to the worth of your structure just as the farmer assesses his loss of his barn.

Your Center and balance

When your center is off you can feel it, especially in your physical being; putting you off balance for the day; leaning to one side or the other. You work on your balance problems with exercises such as standing on one foot or yoga exercises that challenge your posture and balance.

Emotions and Spirit

When your heart center is off it crashes your emotions and spirit; sending you into a tailspin of emotional turmoil that you have to work on to bring back the balance. You struggle trying to figure out what to do to keep yourself in good balance by reading inspirational literature, talking to a therapist who specializes in helping with emotional and spiritual life, or you may find a friend to confide in who is a good listener.

So how do you keep yourself balanced?